Artist Statement / C.V.

Artist Statement

My work explores the connections that exist between our transient, emotional experiences and how our present, physical bodies exist as manifestations of those moments. I am driven to realize the relationship that exists for each individual between past and present, and how we are continually pushed forward in our present lives based on intangible memories of experiences. I explore the use of space, both public and private, to create my own constructs, loose but towering manifestations of past experiences and future apprehensions.

I am entranced by the intimate relationship that exists between our emotional and physical selves; by the private conversations and thoughts we keep to our minds and never allow to extend past the veil of our private, body-to-body interactions. I strive to understand the way we each use our bodies as barriers between what we are truly thinking and feeling, and the sense of self created from the visceral connection of the physical and mental self. Exploring the impact of spaces that are both private and public; intimate and revealed, that we encounter in our lives, I use my body as the origin point for the creation of my work.

I create spaces that are based on my own experiences and relationships with others, while I navigate and deliberate the impact that my own existence has made in the overlapping currents of others in the world. A body is a physical construct that houses the complex, emotional, and intangible identity of a person, and together they are considered and understood as an individual, and I search to find a balance.



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